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ID&R Quality Control Services (COE Approval)

As part of its quality control system, the Kansas MEP reviews eligibility determinations at the state level. The COE Approval Team in Fort Scott examines every COE for accuracy and sufficiency of documentation. Accepted COEs are entered into the state database, and those that are not accepted are returned to the local project to be corrected as needed. The ID&R Staff Development Coordinator is also notified of any errors to help guide their technical assistance and training at local projects.

Contact Information and Staff
Fort Scott Community College
2108 S. Horton
Fort Scott KS 66701
Phone: 620-223-2700
Fax: 620-768-2917
  • Cindy Bartelsmeyer, Director
    Office: 620-768-2908 ext. 21

  • Pam Hightower, COE Office Manager
    Office: 620-768-2908 ext. 22

  • Michael Bulmer, Quality Control
    Cell: 913-231-6900

  • Jonita Brack, Quality Control
    ID&R Staff Development Coordinator
    Office: 620-225-0303
    Cell: 620-408-8315

  • Paige Inman, Advanced Notification
    Web Maintenance Liaison
    Office: 913-856-3355
  • Keena Schmidt, Rolling Re-interview
    Cell: 785-840-7792

  • Cathy Ludwick, Quality Control/
    Supportive Service
    Cell: 316-461-0261

  • Jack Furan, Quality Control
    Technical Assistance
    Office: 316-260-8620
    Cell: 316-648-9992
    Fax: 316-264-9965

  • Janet Reynolds, Quality Control
    Secondary Curriculum Specialist
    Cell: 913-850-1174